WhatsApp Plus 17.80 | Download and Install latest 2024

Whatsapp Plus Mod APK, the best available mod of WhatsApp, is your personalized communication app packed with functions that spice up the normal features of WhatsApp, to ensure a better user experience. 

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Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus to access unique features and regular updates, such as v17, v17.6, and v17.70.Thank you for downloading the WHATSAPP PLUS MOD APK from wasapplusofficial.com.

Download Whatsapp Plus MOD APK original version 17.80 – 2024

You will not find WhatsApp Plus on the Google Play Store. You can download its latest version here on our website and enjoy all the regular updates provided by professional developers, ensuring safety and security.

Thank you for downloading the WHATSAPP PLUS MOD APK from wasapplusofficial.com.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Download DP and Status in 1 click

Completely anti-prohibition

Add vibrant stickers

Advanced chat blocking

Account Support

Various custom themes

Multiple Backup Locations

WhatsApp Plus Specifications

App NameWhatsApp Plus
DeveloperWhatsapp Mods
Required AndroidAndroid 4.0 and newer versions
Required iPhoneiOS 10 or the latest
LanguageMulti-Language Support
Last Updated1 day ago

My experience

I tried this app and I am truly impressed by its features. My main concern was safety and security and I am glad to report after using it that I’ve found it most trusted among all the versions of WhatsApp available!

So, stay connected with me in this article to explore all the amazing features of WhatsApp Plus in detail. You will get to know everything related to WhatsApp Plus, like why and how to install it, key features, developers, all available versions, frequently asked questions and much more.

How to install WhatsApp Plus V17.70 and V17.80

Firstly, open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Chat > Backup to backup WhatsApp data.

whatsap backup
  • Make sure you have space on your mobile phone for “Backup”.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp from your device.
  • Now make sure to enable the third party installation feature on your device because this app is not available on Google Play Store.
  • To do this, activate the installation from unknown sources. Go to settings > security > unknown sources > toggle the switch to enable it.
  • Now Download the latest WhatsApp plus V17.80 APK file by clicking here
whatsapp plus 17.80
  • Once the APK file is downloaded, find it on your device and click on the file to start the installation.
  • Allow the necessary permissions to finish the installation
  • After installation, set up your account by entering your phone number and verifying the security code.
add your number

Now, you will see a new screen asking you to restore the backup. Click the “Restore” button.


Ready! You can explore the wider and more customized features of whatsap plus V17.80.

ready whatsap

What is the difference between WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp?

FuncionalidadWhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Airplane modeyesNo
Hide online statusyesNo
Reports DownloadyesNo
Add custom fonts or stickersyesNo
Automatic responseyesNo
Complete customizationyesNo
Security lockyesNo
Anti-delete status/messagesyesNo
Deactivate/personalize callsyesNo
Hide last timeyesyes
Deactivate the transfer labelyesNo
Do Not Disturb (DND) modeyesNo
Compatible themesyesNo
Sharing multimedia filesUp to 200 MB Up to 16 MB
Length of statusUp to 255 characters Up to 139 characters
Increased image-sharing limitUp to 250Up to 10
Increase in the transfer limitUp to 100Up to 30

What is wuappas plus APK and why download its latest version?

In this fast-paced life, everone wants to enjoy up-to-date and magnified features for their communication along with acute privacy.

Lots of folks are using WhatsApp for messaging, calling, and much more, but with the rapid availability of advanced technology and features, many of us prioritize enhanced personalization and modified characteristics of messaging on WhatsApp Plus, developed by Rafalete (XDA member).

He added new features to the original WhatsApp and released a modified version called WhatsApp Plus, more effective even than Pro GB WhatsApp and other available mod versions of WhatsApp.

To execute human thoughts, Whatsapp Plus V17.70 and V17.80 are tremendously serving us. It carries attributes of versatile customization, enhanced messaging features, custom themes, lively stickers, multiple accounts, and last but not least its privacy feature making it the first choice of users rather than the original WhatsApp. 

Important note: After installation, disable the installation permission for apps from unknown sources.

Very good0%
  1. Anti-ban support
  2. 2. The only MOD version of official WhatsApp available, with end-to-end encryption
  3. 3. 100% safe to use
  4. 4. Download Status in just 1 click – Simply hit the download button below status and enjoy saving it in your gallery
  5. 5. Custom stickers and emojis
  6. 6. Pro UI/UX allows you to customize themes and fonts
  7. 7. Ad-free messaging platform that keeps your conversations fresh and uninterrupted
  8. 8. A variety of themes, including WhatsApp Plus Blue and WhatsApp Plus 2024 Green, cater to different preferences.
  9. 9. Improved privacy features like:
  10. – The sender will be unable to see double-blue ticks
  11. – Freeze last active time
  12. – The ability to send larger files will enhance your messaging experience.
  13. – View 1-time media for an unlimited number of times and can easily save it in your gallery
  14. – View status secretly (no one knows that you view the status)
  15. – Control who can call you
  16. – View deleted messages and statuses
  17. – Hide recording and typing status (the opposite person you’re chatting with will not be able to see the updates while you’re recording or typing a message)

Method to backup data from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus in case;

 If you’re using old WhatsApp on a PC
You don’t have enough storage to back up data on your phone

If you are new to this process then there is no need to be on edge. The below guide will make your process easy like a piece of cake.


First of all, back up all the data from the official WhatsApp. You need another software like Dr. Fone to back up the data. So, download and install it on your PC.

Step 2:

  • Connect your device to your PC
  • Through a USB cable, connect your mobile phone to your PC. Here, you must open Dr. Fone on your PC and opt for the backup option. Through the backup of your data, start waiting for the completion.


  • View backup on PC
  • When the completion process is done, check the backup data for confirmation.


  • Restore up to WhatsApp Plus
  • Here, you need to select the option of restoring WhatsApp and sending the data to the new APP. 
  • Through this account, your data will be transferred into the new App. You can see your data and messages on the new App.
whatsapp plus v17

wuappas plus APK

Do Not Disturb Mode

Download DP and Status in 1

Completely anti-prohibitio

Add vibrant stickers

AII Account Support

Multiple Backup Locations

WhatsApp Plus Data Backup Process

  1. Open WhatsApp Plus on your Android device.
  2. Find the “Options” or “Settings” located in the upper right corner of the app. 
  3. Go to Chats or a comparable alternative in settings.
  4. Look for an option for  Chat Backup or something comparable.
  5. In the Backup section of the chat, you may see alternatives to start a guide backup on your device’s local storage. Pursue the directions shown on the screen to complete the backup process.

Whatsapp Plus for Different Devices

WhatsApp Plus is designed to suit your preferences, whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device. Enjoy the convenience of an app tailored to your unique style and communication needs.

You can access the latest trends, features, and dynamic messaging

experiences with the latest improvements through WhatsApp Plus

Embrace the future with WhatsApp Plus as your personalized communication companion, bidding farewell to conventional messaging. Download the latest version v17.7 for free, and explore the freedom of expression in your messages.

Antiban Protection 2024Insures against blockages and suspensions in 2024.
Hiding and Privacy OptionsEnjoy features that allow users to hide various aspects of their activities within the App. Users can hide their online status, blue and double ticks, last seen, and other indicators, providing enhanced privacy and control over their visibility to others
Reinforced Security through  Pin and Pattern lockWhatsapp Plus will prove to be your ally and save your chat by pin and pattern lock
The solution to Early ExpiryFixes expiration issue before January 19, 2025
Animated EffectsFor the main screen and chats.
Multiple account usageEnjoy the convenience of managing multiple accounts seamlessly with WhatsApp Plus! No need to clone your normal WhatsApp to use 2 accounts or sacrifice storage space – our multiple account support feature ensures effortless dual account usage within one app.
Message Scheduler (The best reminder)Enjoy the message scheduling feature and send the messages on time that you choose to your loved ones. With this feature, you’ll never overlook birthdays or important reminders.
Forward StatusFacilitate you forwarding the statuses of your contacts
Innovative Voice ChangerYou can change your voice on voice messages and calls with funny and creative voices.
iPhone StyleCarry iPhone-style emojis, themes, and aesthetics.
Messages and Images BombSend messages or images that disappear after being viewed.
Kernel updateImprovements at the focal point of the software
Emoji VariantIt provides additional options and variations for emojis compared to the standard WhatsApp. You can enjoy a wide range of captivating emojis, allowing for more expressive and diverse communication.
Interface CustomizationCustomize colors and font sizes to your liking
Original Quality in PhotosDownload or send photos maintaining their original quality.
Personalization and Design through Custom Themes

It supports a variety of themes, allowing users to change the overall look and feel of the App. Users can download free themes from the WP Plus store and apply them to alter the color scheme, background, and other visual elements to personalize their WhatsApp experience

How to set a color theme: Go back to Settings Plus > select the General tab; there is an option which allows you to set the color theme according to your choice
High Levels of PrivacyRemarkable privacy improvements.
Navigation in Stealth ModePermits you to view stories and statuses without being detected
See messages deleted by your friendsYou can see those messages deleted by your family and friends, thus maintaining the record of all messages.
View Deleted StoriesIt is a gateway to stories deleted by other users.
Partial Copy & PasteSelected parts can be copied and pasted
Do not Disturb ModeAllows you to apply DND for calls
Hide Profile PictureChoice to hide your profile photo from certain users.

More features of WhatsApp Plus

Multimedia Management: Send videos and photos with high quality. Feel free to share more than ten images at once and send the largest files of up to 200 MB (these may be videos, audio, and documents).
Adjusting quality: Consumers have the choice to adjust the quality of their images and videos on WhatsApp Plus. It may enable users to share media files without the Application automatically compressing them, preserving the original quality.

Private Messages: You can send direct messages and initiate calls to those who are not in your saved contact list.

Bulk messages: Send the bulk messages to many contacts at the same time.

Hide forwarding messages: Protect your privacy by hiding whether you have shared a message.

Find out who blocked you: Through this feature, you can check people who blocked you. 

Controlling your calls. Navigate to Settings > Privacy section > “Avoid calls”. Activate it to block incoming calls from someone you don’t like.

Organize chats: Go to settings > general section and then you can easily differentiate your chats from group conversations.

Multiple Font Styles: Users can customize the fonts of the application. You can choose from a variety of font styles and personalize the appearance of your messages and interface.

Archive chats: You can access the Archive option from the top right corner of the App; here, you can find the hidden chats.

Increase Limit: It offers the ability to liberate limits imposed by the official WhatsApp application. This feature allows users to overcome restrictions on aspects such as file size, media sharing, or any other limitations present in the standard version.

Messaging Improvements: WhatsApp Plus makes messages better by giving you more control over your privacy, saving messages that others try to delete, and letting you choose cool fonts. You can compose longer messages, with a limit of up to 250 characters. You can also change how the App looks and share bigger files, making WhatsApp Plus more exciting than regular WhatsApp.

Special Modes and Setting: There are two modes in this App, dark and light mod; you can protect your eyes with the dark mod; if you don’t like the light mod.

Call Control: You have the option to adjust your call settings by allowing who can call you.

Effortless Sharing: You can share files promptly stored in the local storage of your phone without storing them in the gallery.

Digital Alert: This feature allows you to receive push notifications about your contacts when they are online and offline.

Hovering Buttons: It adds a small button on your screen that you just tap to access new chats, broadcasts, payments, etc.

Premium Cleaner: Play its role as an Automatic cleaner of old files, junk files, and duplicate media files to make room for new things. 

Multi-users Access: You can access your WhatsApp Plus account on other devices like tablets, PCs, and other phone sets.

Uphold Memory: It reduces the size of the database and media files. Thus, occupies less space in the data storage memory.

Improved Privacy: Additional privacy settings give you the option of automatically deleting sent files and keeping your number private. 

Multilingual Support: The WhatsApp Plus applic


  • Multiple Theme Options
  • Advanced Customization
  • Advanced Features
  • Anti-delete messages
  • Enhanced Privacy Protection


  • No Official Support
  • Instability and Bugs
  • Security Risks
  • Terms of Service Violation

The ability to send larger files will improve your messaging experience.


What’s new in version whatsapp plus v17.80?

Base Update 2.24 2.74

  • [Added] Anti-ban protection
  • [Added] Update for screening Blue Ticks
  • [Added] Unlimited Viewing of Once Viewed Media
  • [Added] Anti-Ban Feature Addressing Repeat 1-hour Bans
  • [Miscellaneous] Removal of “Audio” Option from Custom Downloads to Resolve Conflict with Voice Notes
  • [Miscellaneous] Various Other Fixes and Enhancements
  • [Issue Rectified] Anti View Once Media Deletion
  • [Issue Rectified] Blue Ticks Displaying Despite Privacy Settings Enabled

Base Update 2.23 23.78

  • [Added] Ghost Mode: Activating Ghost Mode makes your actions invisible to others. Your last seen status is frozen, messages appear as if not received, message ticks remain grey, and you can secretly view statuses.
  • [Added] Personalize Media Download Control for Each Chat
  • [Added] WhatsApp Old UI Style (Accessible via MOD Settings > Home > Header > Home UI Style)
  • [Added] View Message Edit History
  • [Added] Choose to Show/Hide Ghost Mode Icon
  • [Added] Choose to Display Night/Light Icon on Home
  • [Improved] Enhanced Anti-Ban Protection
  • [Enabled] New Settings UI
  • [Enabled] Media Preview Feature
  • [Enabled] About Section with Expiry Options (24hr, 3 Days, 1 Week)
  • [Enabled] Option to Approve New Group Members Before Joining
  • [Enabled] Profile Creation with @Username (Activation Required from Server)
  • [Enabled] Addition of Email Address to Your Account (Accessible via Settings > Account)
  • [Enabled] Group Permission Adjustment
  • [Enabled] Restoration of Original Tab Order
  • [Enabled] Support for Multiple Accounts on Same Device
  • [Fixed] Search Functionality in Calls
  • [Fixed] Entry Style on iOS 14
  • [Fixed] Crashing Issue on Certain Devices
  • [Fixed] Resolved Anti-View Once Issues
  • [Fixed] Crash Occurrence on Older Devices
  • [Fixed] Storage Problems on Android 14
  • [Fixed] Space Display During Scrolling and Some UI Aspects
  • [Fixed] Rectified Rounded Entry Recording Audio
  • [Fixed] Addressed Swipe Row Feature Non-Functionality
  • [Fixed] Rectified Random Crash of Bubble Bottom Bar
  • [Fixed] Resolved Issue with Hiding View Status on Certain Phones
  • [Fixed] Theme Download Issue on Android 14+
  • [Fixed] Backup/Restore Issue on Android 14+
  • [Fixed] Custom Privacy Functionality for Business Chats
  • [Fixed] Corrected Screen Share Button Color in Calls
  • [Fixed] Backup/Restore Issues on Android 13+
  • [Fixed] Crash Occurrence in Calls History on Certain Devices
  • [Fixed] Improved Clarity of Date Bubble During Scrolling
  • [Fixed] Addressed Visibility Issue of Some Text in White Theme During Calls
  • [Misc] Prioritized Ghost Mode Over Custom Privacy
  • [Misc] Various Other Fixes and Enhancements

What’s New in whatsapp plus v17.60

  • [Extended] Expiry Date
  • [Fixed] Random crash in some chat/groups
  • [Fixed] Crash when opening MODS history
  • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements

What’s New in17.55

Base Update 2.23 23.79

  • [Implemented] View Original Message Before Edit
  • [Added] Option to Hide Play Voice/Video Notes
  • [Included] Save Feature for New Video Messages
  • [Incorporated] Icon Next to “Edited” for Enhanced User Awareness
  • [Enabled] “Mark As Read” Within Chat when Hide Blue Tick Is Activated
  • [Activated] New Navbar User Interface
  • [Enabled] High Definition Media Sending
  • [Enabled] Pin Message Options: 24hr, 7 Days, or 30 Days
  • [Enabled] Quick Video Message Sending (Single Click on Mic Icon)
  • [Enabled] Sharing Statuses on Facebook (Status Tab > Status Privacy)
  • [Resolved] Daily Local Backup Issue
  • [Resolved] Elapsed Time Option Problem
  • [Resolved] Search Functionality in Groups Tab
  • [Resolved] Online Payments Crash
  • [Resolved] Random Crashes in Certain Chats
  • [Resolved] Crash When Opening WA Story
  • [Resolved] Restore Backup Issue in Android 13+
  • [Resolved] Calls Banner Bug on Home Screen
  • [Resolved] Voice Note Banner Bug with One UI
  • [Resolved] Downloading Emoji Packs Issue in Android 13+
  • [Resolved] Status Privacy Crash for Some Users
  • [Resolved] WhatsApp Navigation Unread Badge Not Displaying Correct Color
  • [Resolved] Forwarding Messages Crash for Some Users
  • [Resolved] Storage Permission Issue in Android 13+
  • [Resolved] Hidden Chats Appearing in App Icon Shortcuts
  • [Resolved] Increased Space Between Quoted Message and Concept Entry
  • [Resolved] Admin’s “Delete for Everyone” Message Not Displaying Correct Color in Groups
  • [Resolved] Download Icon for Video Note Messages Sometimes Not Appearing
  • [Miscellaneous] Various Other Fixes and Enhancements

New Additions 

  • Implemented Mention Mark
  • Introduced Online/Offline Indicator
  • Incorporated Blue Tick upon Group Replies (Automatically enabled with standard Blue tick on Reply feature)
  • Enabled Loading Themes from ZIP files
  • Implemented Copying Status Captions by Clicking on Them
  • Reintroduced Option to Increase Forwarding Limit to 250 (Use with caution)
  • Enhanced User Interface for Text Selection within Message Bubbles (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
  • Introduced Advanced Search Feature
  • Revamped Custom Wallpaper User Interface
  • Restored Hide Recent Chats Option
  • Restored Hide Other Contacts Option
  • Restored Hide Frequently Contacted Option

Glitch Repair

  • Resolved issue with Backup not being found
  • Corrected behavior where the New menu wouldn’t close automatically
  • Addressed random crashes occurring when messaging groups
  • Improved the speed of sending messages within groups
  • Fixed crashes caused by Blue Tick on the Reply feature
  • Fixed crash related to Swipe Row functionality
  • Reset Preferences now resets the default wallpaper as intended
  • Rectified crashes experienced when using Status Splitter on some phones (not all)
  • Implemented numerous other fixes and enhancements
  • Enjoy and explore further improvements on your own!

System Requirements for whatsapp plus v17

For Android:

  • Android operating system’s latest version.
  • Stable internet connection (Wi-Fi or cell data).
  • Storage space for installing applications and media documents.

For iOS:

  • The iOS model is similar to the WhatsApp Plus version.
  • Stable net connection (Wi-Fi or cellular information).
  • Storage area for putting in applications and media documents.

Remember that WhatsApp Plus may have extra functions or capabilities that could affect device necessities. Always check the professional documentation or assist channels for the particular model of WhatsApp Plus you are using to ensure compatibility with your tool.

WhatsApp Plus Aspects Compared to the original WhatsApp

This modified app offers flexible and customized features that attract many users.

AspectWhatsApp PlusOriginal WhatsApp
DeveloperThird, not associated with meta.Meta
PersonalizationMultiple features to customize the appBasic functions without additional design options
Privacy FeaturesAdvanced features to manipulate privacyStandard Privacy Settings
WhatsApp groupsAdvanced customization for groupsBasic functions for groups
Sending FilesWithout limits or reduction in qualityEstablished limits and possible reduction in quality
UpdatesManual, since it is not in the Play StoreAutomatic through the Play Store
ServersNon-Meta serversMeta Servers
UseA modified version with additional featuresThe original version of the messaging service
Data UsageIncreases because it does not reduce the quality of videos and imagesStandard use; reduces quality to save data

WhatsApp Plus demerits

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp Plus is an advanced, modified app with greater user experience and contemporary functions, but there are few restrictions and curbs of WhatsApp Plus. 

If you’re thinking of using WhatsApp Plus or a similar modified version, be careful. 
Understand the possible risks, like security problems and privacy concerns connected to unofficial messaging apps.

To be on the safe side, it’s always important to use the latest official version of the App to get the benefits of security updates and features.

Key Features that separate it from original WhatsApp

  • Hide your written status
  • Hide Chats
  • Hide your online status
  • Hide your recording status
  • Hide your views on the status
  • Hide your blue ticks and Double ticks
  • Enhanced Privacy Settings
  • Extended File Sharing
  • Theme facility
  • More emoticons
  • Cleaner
  • Recording Status
  • WhatsApp Lock
  • Auto Reply of Messages
  • Unsent messages after a long time
  • Broadcast Message
  • Video express compression
  • Automatic Media File Download
  • Hide Multimedia Content from the Gallery
  • Wallpapers
  • History and Logs
  • Fonts and Styles

Whatsapp Plus By Different Developers

Alex ModsCurrent Version: v17.70[Anti-Ban, Ads Free]
Fouad ModsCurrent Version: v9.980[Anti-Ban, Ads Free]

You can install any of the above versions because both of them are 100% safe 

Compatible SmartPhone Brands

  • Motorola
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • Alcatel
  • OnePlus
  • TCL
  • Google
  • CAT
  • ZTE
  • iPhone
  • Nokia (depends on operating system)

Here are the mobile brands that install Whatsapp Plus 2023 and 2024 easily.

Other Whatsapp MODs

  • Fm Whatsapp
  • GB Whatsapp

You can Download FM Whatsapp and GB WhatsApp same as the Whatsapp plus but the security and privacy of WhatsApp plus is more than any other MOD version of WhatsApp.

FeaturesFm WhatsappGB Whatsapp
Hide View StatusYesYes
Anti-Ban and SecurityYesYes
Anti-Delete Messages and StatusesYesYes
Auto ReplyYesYes
File Sharing CapabilitiesYesYes
Multiple Account SupportYesYes

Frequently Asked Questions

Using WhatsApp Plus Original on Android comes with capacity risks. These unofficial apps can compromise protection, violate WhatsApp’s terms of service, lack timely updates, and pose privacy issues.

Remember, there are no absolutes in this world. That’s why, we always have to compromise on a few things.

WhatsApp Plus original is commonly an Android app. There is no official version of WhatsApp Plus for iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. WhatsApp Plus is commonly related to Android structures, and iOS users are cautioned to apply the official WhatsApp app to be had on the App Store for their messaging needs.

Whether WhatsApp Plus is safe may vary from person to person. Despite of additional features of WhatsApp Plus, users must be aware of potential security vulnerabilities because it is not an official App.

This is the security of our conversation which usually changes constantly.

Is there a possibility of account banning?

The new version of WhatsApp Plus has the property of anti-ban.

Sure, you can transfer data from the official app to mod APK with a few clicks as described above.

No, this app has a built-in feature to download videos

To prevent disruptions, you must update the APK.

Updating this app is an easy process, whenever a new version is available you’ll get notified. Go to wasapplusofficial.com and install the new version. You don’t need to uninstall the old one.

You can’t find this app on the Play Store because it’s a modified version.

Play Protect is the main security feature of the Google Play Store, responsible for scanning Android apps for violations or bugs before installation. Although WhatsApp Plus can bypass it on most devices, if you encounter installation issues, consider disabling Play Protect from the settings of the Google Play Store.

No, you can’t keep both apps installed on the same device.

Yes, you can!

In the latest version, there is no chance of being banned. However, if you get banned you simply uninstall the current version and reinstall it.

You can access themes directly from the WhatsApp Plus theme store server or search online.

Whatapp Plus offers extensive customization features, allowing you to modify every aspect of the application’s appearance according to your taste. The method is mentioned above.

  • Go to Whatsapp Settings>  chat settings and back up your chats.
  • Install WhatsApp Plus 
  • You will receive a prompt to import the backup after verification is complete.
  • Press “Restore” to import the conversation.

Final Words


whatsapp plus v17

Now is the good time to Download WhatsApp Plus as it’s completely free!
Its features and customization choices make it different from the official WhatsApp. It provides enhanced privacy settings, better file-sharing options, and unique themes for a more personalized messaging experience.

However, the decision to use APK mods depends on personal preferences and priorities, whether you prioritize advanced features over the security offered by official apps. Make a well-informed decision and enjoy the enriched messaging experience.
Furthermore, it’s a secure application that can be installed on your Android device with confidence in its security. The only condition is you have to use the updated version!

What If I face any issue?

If you come across any issue while using this app, you can contact us on our page “Contact Us”. Our team of professional developers will be more than happy to sort out your concerns.

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